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Monday, December 27, 2010

A Recap in Pictures....

 Engrossed in the movie "Polar Express"

 Our annual Shepherd's Meal. We try to imagine what it was like to be a shepherd on the day Jesus was born. We eat yummy turkey chowder, homemade bread, fruit, and homemade cookies for dessert. We read from the Bible; The birth of Jesus, the death of Jesus and then the resurrection of Jesus. We finish up with Christmas songs and a prayer. The kids always look so forward to this time together!

 Gabriella and Connor sang on Christmas Eve and she begged to wear her "pretty dress". This dress is really her flower girl dress for big brothers' upcoming wedding but we are sure getting our money's worth from it! LOL! These next pictures are all of Christmas Eve service....

 It's become a tradition to stop at McD's on our way home from church Christmas Eve. The little's were beside themselves with joy! :)
 This is the girls crowding around Hannah's (Ryan's girlfriend) phone. She had a game on it that you could color the princess dress and my girls were all over that. :)
 Winding down Christmas Eve night. Samuel passed out on daddy and he reminded me of a koala bear hanging on. It wasn't but an hour or so later he broke out in hives on his face that had us watching him closely to see if he needed to head to the ER. Sean and I decided that for him at least, the spiritual battle is heaviest over the holidays. Thanksgiving found us in the ER after he had an allergic reaction and again on Christmas Eve he had an allergic reaction to something, who knows what! Thank God after several hours the hives went away and his breathing was just fine.
 A view of the living room Christmas morning before the little's came downstairs. Nice and orderly but not for long! LOL!
 Anxiously waiting for the ok to come downstairs on Christmas morn.
 I just love this one. Kyalynn's face is priceless! She was so excited about getting Pablo from the Backyardigans. The next picture is right after she kissed him. :)

 Gabriella has been begging me for a B*rbie doll but I just am not sold on the idea so I met her in the middle with a Sleeping Beauty doll. She was so excited!!
Kyalynn with her Pablo and sportin' her new Jesse (from Toy Story) hat.

God so blessed us with wonderful family memories and love abundant! We were also blessed by a family (whom we had never met) from our church that wanted to bless our little ones with gifts and also prepared Christmas dinner for us. What an amazing day!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love your meal idea :) May steal it!
What fun blessings from others!!

Denise said...

What adorable pictures! I'm glad you avoided an ER trip. We had several of those with our youngest during his first year. I love the Shepherd's Meal!