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Friday, December 31, 2010


2010 has been a year of phenomenal growth for me in the area of trusting God more. When I was asking God for a verse last year I had no idea what He was going to do in our lives this year. Which is probably good because, knowing me, I would have shrank back and missed out on it all.

Sometimes I feel like Sarah in the Bible. Remember, she laughed when God told her she would have a child in her old age? Well, when God told me in January of last year that not only would we adopt again but that I would also write a book it caused ripples and gales of laughter! Seriously God, you must be joking, right?! Um, nope! In fact to prove His point, He allowed us to go thru the adoption process in high speed (much to our Social Workers delight....NOT! LOL!) From start to finish it took us 12 days!
 Now that's God!

 But let me back up....

I began writing a book and only had a couple of pages done when I sent it off to a publisher to see if they would be interested. One Friday night I was astounded to find a contract from the publisher in the mail. They wanted my book and they hadn't even seen more than 7 pages!!
Now that my friends, is most certainly God!! 

I signed the contract and within days found out about a sweet baby boy born that no one wanted due to some serious issues in his family tree. Sean and I talked and prayed about him and much to my amazement, Sean said yes pretty much instantly. If you know anything about our adoption stories you know that response
could only be God!! 

He blew our minds and blessed our hearts ABUNDANTLY! Samuel Tobias, no matter what his future holds, is an amazing, humbling, beautiful gift to us! Words can not contain our thankfulness and praises to God Almighty for this good gift.

That's not to say our year did not have its' share of valleys because it does. Due to our children's past (each of them) our futures will always have incredible challenges....mountaintop highs and deep valley lows.  But it's not that much different than yours. Whether you are dealing with children's behaviors, health issues, job loss, divorce, loss of a child, or loneliness, it hurts deeply. But let me tell you, God is there with you. He wants to help. He wants to comfort. He wants your trust. But you need to let Him in. It's up to you to turn the controls of your life over to Him. Scary, I know. But He loves you and I promise He will take good care of you!

Where will 2011 take you? What adventures await? Will you be on the mountain top exalting God? Better yet, will you, while in the deep valleys, be just as content to exalt and praise God there? That's my hearts continually, no matter what the situation, good or bad, to be praising and worshiping God with all I am. After all, it's the least I can do after all He's done for me!!

Wishing you more of God in your life in this New Year!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Happy New Year!!!

And yes that would be your Samuel....too funny that his family wasn't "small" anyway huh? Yeah! So glad he is with his family!

**you know the thing that impressed on me was that his situation was almost exactly like 3 of our other children - for real.

SOOO glad that God makes it all happen. Can't wait to read your book!!!

Definitely can't wait to see what God does in 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-stephanie- said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I need more of God, but I also need to do my part in it.

Looking forward to reading your book.

JD said...

Wow! What wise words - no wonder they wanted to publish your book!

Glad I was able to meet your family in 2010- I definitely count it a blessing of this past year :)

Tereasa said...

I never knew you began a book! What became of it? I'm happy for you to follow your dream, but even happier that you followed God's call to adopt again. Samuel is such a blessing!