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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Even Sickness..

About halfway through the morning I was sideswiped by agonizing pains in my stomach. Life carried on but not without me occasionally groaning and bending over to stem the pain. The best thing about this  was that while I was trying to minimize my pain, it was very obvious to the little's and the first one....the first child to show concern was Connor! He asked me what was wrong, then immediately prayed for me and continued to ask me every couple of minutes until he went to quiet time.  To say I'm surprised is an understatement! He even offered to help me get lunch.....awww. :) I guess he is attaching more than I recognize because I guarantee last year he wouldn't have cared less if I was in pain or dying. 
Thank you God for progress, even when we don't readily see it!!
See, even sickness God promises He will use for good. And today my sickness was the catalyst to see that my sons' healing is further along than what I thought.


Acceptance with Joy said...

AMEN! This is wonderful!

NeeCee said...

I rejoice with you on seeing Connor's bonding in action. I am also lifting you up in prayer for total healing.

-stephanie- said...

That is a big praise....but I hope you're OK.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

YIPPEEE Jesus!!! That is amazing....sorry you are sick though that isn't fun :(

Karin said...

So sorry you're sick but PRAISE GOD for Connor's reaction!!

Denise said...

That is sweet!

How are you doing?? I've been praying for you today and I hope your pain has subsided!