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Monday, January 24, 2011

Guess Who Is Not Scratching...

Precious Samuel was FINALLY given relief for his intense itching. His severe eczema has caused the poor little guy to itch and scratch pretty much nonstop since we brought him home. Even though we had seen 3 different pediatricians and gone to the dermatologist twice, they offered no hope except he'd eventually grow out of it. We switched his formula several times, removed him from formula for a bit, greased him down several times a day and yet, he'd scratch so much we had to wear a hat on his head while he was sleeping or he'd cut his head open. :(

Well, a couple of weeks ago we saw another pediatrician (it's a group of drs.) and she immediately realized the insanity it was causing him and I!  She wrote a prescription and referred him to a specialist. And  just like that his world changed. His skin is soft and lovely. He still itches a tiny bit but not like he did. He is finally sleeping longer than 2 hours at a pop. Woo Hoo!!!! He doesn't have to wear gloves or a hat on his head all the time. Best of all, he is happy and enjoying catching up on the life he missed out on for far too long. When I bathed him before, he'd sit and scratch instead of play in the water. Now he splashes and plays the whole time!

We call the prescribed medicine "miracle cream". LOL! God is so good to answer our prayers for our boy and to do it in such an AMAZING way! We knew the cream would help a little bit but it has exceeded our expectations. We are lovin' getting to know the non-itchy, happy all the time, babbling, playing, precious doll of a boy named Samuel Tobias!!!  Thank you God!!!


Shonni said...

I’m so glad for him...that must have been miserable!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Praise God!!! That is wonderful. Love seeing his smile and his cute teeth that are peeking through :)

NeeCee said...

I am so glad you found something that helps. As he gets older, you might want to consider putting him on the GAPS diet. It will help heal him from the inside out.

Dr. D said...

I'm so glad you found a solution. I thought of my youngest son when I read your post. What a relief when you finally find something that works. We had tried prescription creams, high-priced skin cleansers, whatever we could think of. Finally, we tried Eucerin Calming Body Wash Daily Shower Oil and Eucerin Calming Creme and oh what a relief. They really soothed his skin and eliminated the itching. :-D

Denise said...

This just brought tears to my eyes because I can't stand babies suffering with eczema! I am so happy that you found something that works. You know I never tire of looking at pictures of his sweet smile, and that picture is especially adorable!

Three out of four of our kiddos suffer with eczema. Our youngest seems to have outgrown much of it as he's gotten older, but our 10yo suffers tremendously with it. I never knew what a debilitating condition it could be, both physically and emotionally!

I also wanted to thank you for your comment on my post about E. I was so comforted by your words, and it really does help to have someone who understands. My sweet boy is in my arms (at 11:39 at night!!!), and I'm just focused on loving him at this very moment, and trusting God to get me through the times when it's so easy to feel sadness and anger and exasperation, and so difficult to feel love.