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Friday, January 14, 2011

High Hopes...

God gives me everything I need, makes me everything I am to be. 
2 Thessalonians 1:2 (The Message)

Clinging to this verse today after a rough start to the morning. I have high hopes that the day is just going to get better and better! And that in it all, God is making me into who I am to be.  

I know who I am in my flesh and it ain't pretty. :) When I have 3 kiddos screaming all at the same time, one boy disobeying everything I say, and I'm only going on about 3 hours of sleep, trust me, it ain't pretty! LOL!

But this is when (hopefully!) I take a deep breath and re-focus my eyes on the TRUTH and HIS promises and get it done with a smile. Or, like somedays, I join the chaos by screaming and gnashing my teeth. LOL!

I pray today I will walk in His ways.....not mine!!


Shonni said...

Boy do I understand the lack of sleep and screaming children!
Great verse to be thinking on though...only through His strength!!!
Praying you have a great day.

-stephanie- said...

Great encouragement. I failed too this morning, so I'll join you in walking His ways and not mine.

Have a blessed day.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

PRAYING!!! Have those days....and I am not pretty either!!! I like courtney's idea over at storing up treasures- sing in an opera voice :) he he he- takes the edge off :)

Goodness and Mercy Mom said...

Oh, I can certainly relate--and I only have 4 kiddos! Only by God's grace can we make it through a day.

I just got a minute to catch up on your life. I just love your sweet family! And I love your winter bloggy background. Beautiful.

I hope all is well with you and your precious family.

God Bless,

NeeCee said...

Hang on Momma, you are doing awesome!

Tiffany Stuart said...

I don't do well on little sleep or screaming kids either. I trust God enabled you to walk in His love.

His grace is sufficient for each day.

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting too. I appreciate your words.

Enjoy the weekend,


Debbie said...

That's a verse I need to hold on to.
I put myself in time out the other day. Just couldn't handle it anymore.

Jagad Design said...

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