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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The River...

Everything lives where the river flows! It doesn't matter how dead, how lifeless, how hopeless, or how impossible. It doesn't matter how difficult things might be, how hopeless the situation might seem, or how insignificant we might feel about making a difference. If we rely on God's power to make dead things come to life, we will live what Jesus lived and see what Jesus saw.  ~ Red Letters by Tom Davis ~ 

"Then he took me back to the riverbank. While sitting on the bank, I noticed a lot of trees on both sides of the river. He told me, "This water flows east, descends to the Arabah and then into the sea, the sea of stagnant waters. When it empties into those waters, the sea will become fresh

Wherever the river flows, life will flourish -

 great schools of fish - because the river is turning the salt sea into fresh water. 

Where the river flows, life abounds. 

Fishermen will stand shoulder to shoulder along the shore from En-gedi all the way north to En-eglaim, casting their nets. The sea will teem with fish of all kinds, like the fish of the Great Mediterranean.
The swamps and marshes won't become fresh. They'll stay salty. But the river itself, on both banks, will grow fruit trees of all kinds. Their leaves won't wither,

  the fruit won't fail.

  Every month they'll bear fresh fruit because the river from the Sanctuary flows to them. 

Their fruit will be for food and their leaves for healing."

Ezekiel 47:6-12 The Message 

A precious promise for those of us with traumatized, hurt children! When we submerge them in the River (praying for them, annointing them with oil, teaching them God's word) and teach them how to wash themselves in His water (prayer, repentance, praise/worship, Bible study/reading) and then trust and rely on God to do the impossible...He will! This scripture promises that they will bear fruit and each month we will see new fruit/growth in their lives. How impossible that seems some days.....amidst their tantrums, disobedience and lies. But the very best part to me is that very last section. He tells me that not only will they have fruit but that it will be used for food and healing!! All the junk and mire will not be for naught! We are learning, they are learning and these stubborn trials are producing fruit/leaves that will be nourishment, life and healing to others!!!!! All their craziness (and mine too!) right now is being mixed and kneaded into a fruit of incomparable taste and health. It might not make the days easier but oh so much more worth it. I'm tired of taking the short view. I'm setting my eyes on the only One who can turn the bitter to sweet, the stagnant to fresh, the pain and sorrow into joy! 'Cuz you see, everything LIVES where the River flows!! 


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

NEEDED this reminder.....this week. Some weeks are just harder to remember, but remember we must! Thanks!

Jean said...

I love this post! I feel like you wrote it for me. Our sweet Emma suffers from previous trauma- I am too impatient- I want her healing to come quickly but God is telling me to slow done, give her time, let her heal. I need to give it to HIM and pray over her for healing. I truly feel that he can work a miracle in her life!

Tereasa said...