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Currently, school for us is a hodge-podge of stuff. Nolan (age 2) loves to be involved in all that we do. He is learning but not because I'm teaching him. Actually, he's learning because he's involved and wants to do what the other kids are doing. However, when he's done and moves on to something else that's where things get a bit tougher because he is loud and distracting. So I try to offer him fun games to play that involve working on fine motor skills or eye-hand coordination. This usually keeps him busy for a while. :) 
Here he is matching the gloves and hanging them on the wash line. 

Connor is Mr.Engineer and was thrilled to get this race track for Christmas.
He has spent hours changing back and forth. (It can be 3 different styles)
To me that's school because he read the directions (reading) and then he's implementing what he read (comprehension skills) and building a race track. (basic engineering LOL!)
Gabriella is never far from my side and when I'm in the kitchen you can 
bet your boots that's where she will be too. So she's becoming
quite proficient at cooking, baking and cleaning up. Also, she is my go-to person and 
right hand in helping with Samuel. Definite learning happening there! :)
This is usually how you will find Kyalynn. She loves her books and spends hours
and hours reading. You also can see she is a multi-tasker because not
only is she reading a stack of books but she also 
has the Elmo piano beside her for when she wants to play a little tune. :)

Now these pics are from today at school. We are learning about the Arctic and this week focusing on Polar animals. As we were discussing what we learned so far this week I asked each child to draw a certain aspect of it. Gabriella drew how snow forms and explained the process. Connor drew a snowflake and explained how many sides they have and what temperature is needed for snow and how each snowflake has a piece of dirt inside. 
Now track with me here....Kyalynn has autism and usually seems to be in her own little world. Often she will sing or hum through our lessons and although it is frustrating, it's her. Today, I asked her to draw a polar animal. Her fine motor coordination is very delayed and she really has a hard time holding a pencil or crayon or anything like that. I won't say I was expecting much but then again I know not to doubt her abilities because she has blown me away many, many times with her abilities! So she comes over (singing!) grabs the marker and says "hmmm, let's see.." then she goes at it. If you would have seen my face you would have seen a smile a mile long! This girl is such a hoot! The whole time she is drawing she is talking to herself....."here's an how about an ear?....oh, do you see his leg?...uh-oh, what happened? Oh, there's a tail."  I was tickled pink at her drawing. It's amazing because she did it all herself! Although she holds the marker in a very strange position it must work for her so I didn't change her hand position. Then she proceeded to write out polar bear ALL BY HERSELF!!! 
Not exciting stuff for most 8 year olds but for my Kyalynn it's HUGE!! Just look at that face. Do you see the pride and joy written all over it?!

And here it is...her masterpiece!

And of course, Nolan had to get in on the action and he proceeded to draw a sea snail. 
ME: Hmmm...I don't think sea snails live in the Arctic Nolan.
HIM: Yes they do.
ME: No, it's too cold there for them.
HIM: No it's not. I make warm water. See?

Some days it doesn't look like school. It looks more like chaos.
Some days it doesn't feel like school. It feels more like fun.
But I know that they are learning and growing and that is what is the most important thing. 
Some days I just want to send them away in the big yellow bus....oops! Did I say that out loud?! :)


-stephanie- said…
Looks like they are all learning very well. Love the polar bear picture. Good job, Kyalynn.
Mama D.'s Dozen said…
I haven't read many blogs lately. Going thru a hard time.

Good to catch up with you. That's what our homeschooling looks like, too.

During this TOUGH time, I've been thinkin' a LOT about that big yellow bus. I just might need it to stop at my house sometime soon.


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