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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Death and Living...

This week has afforded me a crisper focus on life and death. Our dear friend lost his younger brother unexpectedly and much too soon, leaving behind a wife and two precious girls. Then two days later, my aunt also met Jesus face to face.

Life is so very short, truly a blink of an eye. For each second, minute and hour I am alive I want to be living, truly living! Not living by the world's standards but living by God's standards. To me, that's all that really matters. Am I being His hands and feet? Am I daily cultivating a relationship with Him that grows deeper and stronger? Am I laying my desires and wants on the altar  and only pursing His call for my life? Do I allow the worlds' opinions and thoughts to cloud my focus and bring me down?

Our life, to many, appears crazy: 
"Why would anyone choose to have 5 special needs children?"
"You will probably always have one or two to take care of, they won't be able to live on their own."
"Don't complain, you chose this!"
"I don't believe God called you to adopt all these kids. Why would He put so much on you two?"
"That's why I choose to ignore God's voice. He might ask us to do what you guys are doing and I am so not going there."

These comments are just the tip of the iceberg that we've heard. Some people don't take the time to get to know our precious treasures and overlook how blessed we truly are to parent them. Yes, some days are VERY trying but I wouldn't change one moment of it! This is where we are to be, what we are to be doing. We are in the center of God's will for our lives, our sweet spot, if you will. 

Am I living??  Because without a doubt, each day is bringing us closer to death. Death will happen and when it does I pray that my life will have been well lived for Christ. 


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

So sorry for your losses.....

So thankful that you know the real reasons to LIVE!!! :) AMEN!

Tereasa said...

You *are* living, my dear, and living abundantly!

Denise said...

Beautiful post! I was surprised at the comments you've received, and then remembered that I've heard most of them myself. That's why I spend time on your blog and other similar blogs because, to me, this is the norm. I have a few local friends who get it but most of them think that we're crazy. So I keep my eyes on Him, my family, and other beautiful families like yours.

I'm so sorry for your losses...

Love and prayers,