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Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's the little things....

Last Sunday as we drove to church Connor asked us how a certain song went that we sing in worship. You know when the words are on the tip of your tongue but you just can't get them off? Well that's what we were wrestling with. LOL! Anyhow, I told Connor why don't you pray and ask God to have them sing that song today in worship that way you can remember the words. So he did and when we entered church (we were a bit late) they were singing that exact song!! What a great faith builder for him (and us!).

Nolan Elijah brings so much joy and his designer outfits cause us all to laugh out loud most times. I'm so thankful for this little love bug!!

Seeing the little's all playing a game together nicely always brings happiness to my day.

And little Samuel...enjoying some light reading. LOL! The Portable Pediatrician. Actually, he gives it a 2 thumbs up for taste ability! :)


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love those great moments!!!

Your kids- adorable....and Samuel- yeah Joanna likes to "taste" so many things.....yikes :) Oh yeah, and make phone calls, and press all the printer buttons, eat the dog food....he he he - oh fun days :) But look at his smile- who can resist???

Denise said...

Nolan is quite the trend setter! Too cute for words. I'm so glad that my kiddos aren't the only ones to have so much fun dressing up. I have an entire Facebook album devoted to GracieGirl's unique outfits!

I can see that Samuel is getting around very well. That book looks mighty tasty!

Very cool about Connor and his song, and I love the picture of the kids playing the game together. My littles actually played a board game nicely together yesterday, which I really appreciated because "nicely" isn't always a word I can use when they play games together! ;)

Many blessings!

Wife to the Rockstar said...

Hard to believe how big they are!! SO CUTE!