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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Do You Know?? Do You Care??

Slavery is alive and thriving all across the globe and yes, even here in America. Men, women and children of all ages forced into exhausting labor, physical abuse and sex trafficking. They NEED us because they have no voice! We MUST change that and allow them to taste that sweet, sweet taste of FREEDOM!! Will you join us this Sunday, March 13th and Fast for Freedom? Better yet, will you join us each and every day in this battle to "set the captives free" through prayer and action? 

Fast For Freedom from Not For Sale Campaign on Vimeo.


Lady Nes said...

This is a matter that I thank you for bringing awareness. It was part of my next projects. You have eased my research. I am going to post some links with more research of the matter.

Denise said...

I wish I'd read this earlier! I read your post but I was using Firefox, which often doesn't display videos. I finally remembered to go on Explorer and look at it, and it was too late!

I appreciate you spreading the word about this. I was completely unaware of it until recently. It's absolutely heartbreaking.