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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Gabriella had an appointment with her Endocrinologist today at Hershey Medical Center. So, I loaded up all the little's and off we went. I'm not going to lie, I get serious anxiety thinking of taking Kyalynn with me to the doctors. Don't get me wrong, it's not that she is bad, it's just that she is loud/vocal and she thinks that if a dr. is seeing Gabi then he/she should be checking Kyalynn too. :) She will loudly proclaim "my belly hurts" to anyone with ears within the drs. office. Of course, they all give her that sympathetic look and shoot me the evil eye that I'm not attending to my ailing child. I just have to laugh because I no longer even try to explain it and just tell her to settle down and to hush. Easier said than done with my sweet girl. LOL! BUT, today she only said "my belly hurts" and "I have to PEE" once each. Progress my friends, progress, and I'll take it!! Honestly, I did kind of bribe her that if she was really, really good I'd take them to Hershey Chocolate World to do the free tour. ;)
Taking my tribe of little ones does have perks...let's see.. I drove an hour and a half and it took me longer to unload the kids, ride the elevator and check in than it did for the Dr. to see Gabi. Seriously! I really can't blame it on the fact that my large family gives some people the hee bee jee bees because even when it is just Gabi and me the visit is less than 10 minutes total! Actually, I had quite a few positive comments about my children and their behavior. Proud momma moment! :)
So, today I got the amazing mom award from my little's. They were so happy to go on the tour (and it cost me nothing!) and then they had Mickey D's for lunch. I was mentioned in their prayers (some several times) and I'm just hoping and praying they remember that tomorrow when they don't like something I tell them to do. LOL!


Denise said...

I love your posts because I can relate to so many of them! We have a "vocal in the doctor's office" child, too, although he likes to call out (loudly) that he has to POOP rather than Pee! :)

I also learn a lot from you. You mean that all I have to do is switch to Hershey and promise them the chocolate tour afterwards? Why didn't I think of that years ago?? Chocolate speaks loudly in this house! :)

Glad the appointment went well, and praying for another good day for you tomorrow.


entertainment king said...

i like your post too

Beth E. said...

Hey, chocolate works with me, too! ;-)

I hope everything went well for Gabi at the docs and that she got a good report.

My brother will have surgery to remove his kidney this Monday, March 21. Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated!


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