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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Well howdy pardners....
wondering what's been going on here on the mountaintop?? Life, pure and simple. :) We celebrated Samuel's first "gotcha day"and  Gabriella's long-awaited 6th birthday. I abhor spending gobs of money on anything but especially on toys that won't last long in this crazy house, but this time I did good! LOL! We bought her a playdogh cake maker. They all love playing with playdough and she often acts like she is making cookies or cake with her playdough so this was perfect. Everyone has made such beautiful cake creations with it and they play with it for long periods of time....YES, score! :)

Months ago, Gabriella mentioned having her ears pierced but then she said no more about it. Her birthday morning the first thing she said to her daddy was "today I get my ears pierced". I guess she didn't forget. LOL! So off we went and do you know she didn't even flinch when they shot those earrings into her ears?! Goodness she has high pain tolerance. I was hurting and all I did was watch. LOL!

There were a couple of warm days before the rain pelted down and the cold returned so we made the most of them by taking hikes in the woods and spending lots of time outside. Living in the woods, we have TONS of leaves and I make it my personal mission to eradicate those leaves from around our home. It really is a safety thing for me because we have rattlesnakes that like to hide in the leaves and brush so when I have a chance I'm outside using the leafblower. Connor and Nolan usually follow me around with their play leafblower and lawnmower to "help me". So cute!

Our dear Ericka, Zachary's fiancee celebrated her big 21st birthday!! Zachary surprised her with a trip to Hoboken, NJ, to visit Carlo's Bakery and to pick up the special ordered cake he had made for her. Ericka LOVES the CakeBoss and could be the CakeBossette because she is very talented in her own right with decorating cakes. He knew this and spent months planning it all out. She was totally surprised!! After picking up the cake they and their group of friends headed to New York City to enjoy the rest of the day. Aw, he so romantic! BTW, the cake was delicious!

And we are finally getting our pool up. It's been a couple of years since we bought it and since work has been nonexistent for Sean, he and Zack decided to put it up. Yea!!
The ducks, Ping and Daisy, are full size now and fun to watch. Sean also surprised the little's with 6 more peeps (they were 1/2 price and he couldn't resist...LOL!) Kyalynn is in her animal glory!

We are heading out to enjoy time with some friends this evening so we celebrated our Easter traditions last night with the little's. We read the last week of Jesus' life, acted it out, and then watched a short video and made "He's Alive" buns. We ended our family time with Veggie Tales "An Easter Carol". Nolan was entranced and was telling me all about those mean guys who hurt Jesus with a stick as I put him to bed. I love how even the littlest ones can understand who Jesus is and what He's done for us.
Tomorrow is Easter with our families and such a blessed time of fellowship and rejoicing for Eternal Life!

Yep, life is all about enjoying the people God has blessed you with and boy howdy we SURE are!!


Beth E. said...

I just love to read about your sweet family! By the time I get to the end of each post, I'm always grinning ear-to-ear! :D

Did you get your gift card? I hope you've gotten to experience Starbucks by now. It's a special treat for me whenever I go to the "big city", which is about 45 minutes away.

Have a blessed Easter!

Denise said...

Okay, so I guess I just read your blog and forget to comment more often than I think! :) I loved this post! The picture of Nolan is absolutely adorable. I'd looked at the Play-Doh cake maker at Christmastime but didn't get it. Maybe I'll have to rethink that one! The cake from Carlo's is gorgeous; your son is very thoughtful!