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Friday, May 20, 2011


While driving in the car Connor loves to read all the billboards. As he was reading them aloud he came to one that advertised "30 Beers on Tap". Immediately he said wow mommy, that's alot. We couldn't get those right now, could we? I explained daddy and I don't drink and why. He kept asking more questions and at one point asked me what "drunk" was. I told him that's when someone acts like a looney bird. He said "Oh now I know why I act like a looney bird it's because I drink root beer!" LOL!

We had homemade onion rings the other night for dinner. The next day for lunch Gabi kept asking for onion ears. For the life of me I couldn't figure out what in the world she was asking for. Then it hit me...she calls onion rings onion ears because they remind her of big hoop earrings. Gotta love my girly girl! LOL!

After the all day rain showers I allowed the kids to go outside in the mud and slop for a bit to get some pent up energy out. Kyalynn kept telling me to come outside she wanted to show me something. She opened her hand and said "look mommy, sally-co-manders." And sure enough, she had not one but 2 salamanders in her hands. A mommy and a baby she told me. :) Oh my I could eat her up! LOL!

And last but not least my little Nolan. He is a riot but his most recent funny was when he gives me a kiss and says it's his brown sugar for me. Awww.....:)

Samuel doesn't say much yet but he loves to mimic. So his funny is yesterday Nolan woke from nap and kept coughing. Samuel decided since Nolan was getting lots of attention and kisses he should try it. Soon he began fake coughing and then waiting for his kiss too. Of course I complied. LOL!

Oh and I have to add one more funny. Sean took the garbage down last night and he allowed Kyalynn and Nolan to go with him. He had no idea that Kyalynn had the 2 salamanders in her hands. When they came home she was upset because she couldn't find 1 of them and Sean was upset because he now realized he had a "pet" in his truck. His face was hysterical. :)

However, this morning I wasn't laughing when Kyalynn showed me the bag she had her pet worm in and he no longer was in there. Apparently, Mr. Worm decided being in a baggie wasn't his idea of a good time and decided to find new digs....somewhere in my living room. So, if you come to visit just watch where you sit. LOL!!


Beth E. said...

Hahaha! Sounds like a very happy - and busy - family to me! :-)


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

He he he- love it!!! sooo cute! I would come visit :) our kids would love to help look for your pets :)

Denise said...

I loved reading these stories! Your kids are so hilarious and cute! Adorable picture, too.

We had lost worms in the house, too, after I discovered that J had a worm farm under his bed! :)

Debbie said...

What a fun post. Love the brown sugar kiss. So sweet.

Christine said...

Funny about the worm. Still I think pet worms are better than pet bees. :)