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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hearing Update....

Well, our high hopes for Kyalynn were dashed on Thursday morning when we received a call from the Doctor stating she would not be able to help us with figuring out if Kyalynn would be a candidate for the BAHA surgery. :( That's not her specialty. It was so kind of her to call us so we didn't have to make the 1 1/2 hour drive to the hospital. 

However, God was still moving and opening doors!!!
Thank you for your prayers! I have no doubt they prepared the way. 

We were able to contact the surgeon who specializes in this surgery!! How GOD is that?! They are so booked that the soonest appointment we could get is August 31st but if it means our girl may hear for the rest of her life, what's a couple more months of waiting?? How it works is Kyalynn will undergo 1 1/2 hours of testing with an audiologist and then she will meet with the surgeon. The surgeon will do additional testing and then put a trial BAHA on Kyalynn to test to see if it helps her at all. If it does, then we will prepare for a surgery date. I am so darned excited! I am fervently praying that this will be successful for Kyalynn but if not, that God would show us the next road to journey down. I know He will. He's so good at that! LOL! 

I have told Kyalynn in rudimentary terms that we will be going to the doctors and maybe they can help her hearing. Of course, this is the same girl that gets excited to go to the doctors so she is already asking me (over and over and get the idea. LOL!)  when she goes to the drs. Goodness, 3 months is a looooonnnnngggg time to field this one. LOL!!

Thanking God for His perfect plan for Kyalynn and each of our lives!! 


Tereasa said...


Beth in NC said...

I pray this precious one will have perfect hearing in Jesus' Name.

I'm believing doors will continue to open for this sweet girl.

Bless you!

Denise said...

I was SO disappointed when I read the first sentence, and so thrilled when I read on! I will keep praying!

We thought that E wasn't able to hear when we first adopted him. He has several siblings who are hearing impaired and he failed his first few hearing tests. After a few years of tests, we were told that his hearing is fine! We had a good outcome but I know the feeling of being willing to wait and do anything to help a child hear!