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Friday, May 27, 2011


Ya know, we don't have tv, don't get the newspaper and the radio is just background noise over lunch. Couldn't hear it if I wanted to over the talking, giggling, yelling, lip smacking the little's do during eating time. LOL! Last night a friend called to let me know there was a tornado watch in our area. Not long after, the winds picked up and hail started falling. We were in process of eating dinner so I immediately sent the little's downstairs and brought the food down for them to finish. We scrambled to find information off the computer and that's when we saw footage of the destruction that tornadoes have caused already down south. I heard about the tornadoes from my oldest son but didn't know too many details. Honestly, living in this bubble is so much easier. The bubble of don't know....

Watching video of the tornadoes touching down and then aftermath videos just broke my heart. Why Lord? Why? People lost everything in minutes. My prayers have amped up for those that have faced down the tornado and survived. What  a long road of recovery they have ahead.

So, we were fine, thank God! The tornado turned. However, my son, Ryan, was at work in town and they had everyone get inside the coolers because they were in the direct path of the tornado. He said it was so loud and the trees looked like they were bent in half. The tornado did not hit their building but it did touch down not far from them. Tornadoes around here are unusual...well, they are supposed to be but already this month there have been several that have touched down and caused damage. Nothing like down south but damage still. More are expected tonight. Really makes me think and pray! I'm not a gloom and doom sayer but I truly believe we are in the end times and that thought brings a myriad of emotions to my mind.

Friend, if you haven't made a commitment to a personal relationship with Christ and would like to or have questions, please feel free to contact me. It's the only way to weather the storms ahead.


Denise said...

I live in the same bubble. I like it most of the time. The only place I venture out is Facebook, and that's the only reason I knew about the tornado.

I'm glad that the tornado didn't touch down near you, and that your son was okay. It's so strange to have tornado warnings around here! I've had the same thoughts about the end times...

Kailee said...

Im really sorry to hear about the tornados down there my prayers go down to the people that live there. Its a good the the tornado didn't get to you. Also i love your blog and i'm following it. Would you please follow mine? it would mean a lot you can get to it here:

Thank you

Debbie said...

I intentionally live in that bubble most of the time. Sometimes it's all too heart breaking.
Glad you are all safe, especially Ryan being so close.