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Friday, May 6, 2011

A Shot in the dark?!

We found out about a year after Kyalynn came home that she was deaf in one ear and hard of hearing in the other. To say it was a shock is an understatement! We had no idea the reason she didn't come when we called, or even turn to look at us while we were talking to her wasn't due to stubbornness or disobedience but instead due to not actually hearing us. I cried the whole way home from the audiologist visit when she laid the heavy news on me that in fact, Kyalynn had very limited hearing capabilities. Not long after, specialist visits ensued trying to pinpoint a reason for her hearing loss and also trying to maintain what she already had.  We were told she wouldn't be a candidate for a cochlear implant or hearing aids and that we should work on sign language with her as a precautionary thing in case she loses all her hearing. She knows lots of sign language however she doesn't have the fine motor skills to do the signs herself.  Quite a predicament I tell you. :) However, she seems to have compensated very well with her hearing loss and can sing a blue streak, and on tune even, very well.

I haven't spent lots of time researching her options because I honestly didn't think there were any. BUT the other night I read a post Linny had wrote about her daughter Jubilee. Her Jubilee reminds me so much of our Kyalynn and as I read the post I really got excited. Jubilee was fitted with a hearing device and they have a video of her hearing for the first time!!!! I had tears streaming down my face and quickly researched the device wondering if there is any way possible Kyalynn would be a candidate. After reading about it and screaming for Sean to come quickly we decided to call her specialist and seek their opinion. SO.....Kyalynn goes this coming Thursday for the standard testing and then we will talk about any options available that can get our girl to hear, even just a little better would be wonderful. Seriously, it may just be a shot in the dark because I'm sure if this device, or any other, could have helped her they would have shared that info with us but just in case she slipped under their radar we want to check it out.

I know God has BIG plans for this precious girl whether she can hear or not but oh my aching heart, I long for my sweet angel to hear the beauty of the birds chirping and her own voice.....loud and clear! If you think about it, could you join us in praying for this upcoming appointment and that God would make clear any options available for her to HEAR. :)


Tereasa said...

That is incredible! Way to go, Mom! I am praying that your little girl will be able to hear the entire earth sing praises!

Simone Isser said...

Amen to ur prayers. God is kind to all . hugss ..