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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Backyard Tourist...

We live in an area that is visited by thousands each year to tour and explore. We have lived here over 12 years and we still haven't been to most of the tourist attractions. A couple of times the boys and I did visit some of the museums as it related to our school study but mostly we frequented the areas in the winter time, after tourist season ended. Last weekend we decided to go visit 2 of the sights right in our backyard. One was a fire museum and although small it was filled with so much information! The volunteer on duty had been a forest fire fighter for years and shared so many stories with us and explained the tools of their trade. It was terrific! I could have stayed longer but Kyalynn was done and not wanting to cause some serious chaos we just left and decided to come back later. 
Then we went to visit an elephant museum. There were 80,000 elephants from all over the world! Some were gifts from Royalty and some were just trinkets. Apparently, this was only some of the elephants. There are more! Oh my! I was a wee bit nervous with all those breakable, expensive elephants lining the shelves. Most were encased in glass but there were shelves that were open and little fingers could easily touch so we kept alert that there weren't any elephant touchers in our crowd. :)

Aw, I just love this picture!!

This is Ellie. Isn't she grand? We thought she talked but after walking all around her and her not saying a word we figured she was out of service. Then just as little Nolan steps up beside her to get his picture taken she opens her eyes, flaps those big ears and starts talking. Nolan jumped a country mile! LOL! Needless to say, after that he wasn't interested in standing beside the elephant. :) So, Gabriella, always photogenic, stepped right up.

It was a fun, educational afternoon and we plan to do some more backyard trips this summer. What about you? What are your summer plans?


Debbie said...

We're doing the same thing. Eploring fun things in this great state we live in now. We just went and hike around our fault line.

We're headed to Disney in a couple weeks. YAY!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

LOVE field trip fun :)

Denise said...

What a fun museum! That picture of you with Nolan and Samuel is soooooo cute!!!

Our summer plans have one common factor: they're all free or very low cost! ;) We were blessed with a grant to an adoption seminar in Lancaster, we're planning on visiting my in-laws at the beach and my cousin is letting us use his house on the Chesapeake. Oh, and we have a family membership to the Franklin Institute so we want to go back there, too!