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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hands-On Science....

The other day the kids came running in all excitedly yelling at the same time.  (This happens VERY frequently! LOL!) Turns out Nolan spotted a Dung Beetle . I had no idea these insects were found around here. At any rate the kids and I sat mesmerized by God's amazing creation! 

Since I didn't know all the answers to Connor's questions about the dung beetle he quickly ran to get his insect book and happily filled in the gaps for all of us about the life of a dung beetle. :)

I was pretty impressed that Nolan was able to identify the beetle being that he is just 3 but then realized again how blessed we are to home educate. He is like a little sponge soaking in all the information his brothers and sisters are learning each day. I LOVE science and history so those are my strong areas to teach in and it shows in my students. Zachary and Ryan always excelled in those areas and tested off the charts in them on the standardized tests. Now math....that's another subject.....LOL!!

Yesterday while swimming in their little pool Connor informed everyone that there was a Water Boatman (which is another type of insect) swimming in the water with them. After Gabi was finished dramatically screaming (LOL!) he explained that it wouldn't hurt her and she went back to splashing and happily screaming. :) to my ears.....the dispersal of knowledge and wisdom....NOT the screaming. :)


Beth in NC said...

I'm sure that was quite exciting for the kids -- except for the "dung" part. Ha. Blech.


Denise said...

Awesome! I had no idea that dung beetles were anywhere around this area. I'm sure my kids could set me straight, though! A couple of them are infatuated with dung beetles (and water boatmen, and a host of others!). One of my kiddos in particular, who really struggles with a lot of the basics, is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to science. Oh, and I'm with you on the math; I always joke that I need a calculator to add 2+2! ;)