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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hot Off the Press!!!!!

You see all those boxes?? They contain copies of my book Ransomed.  Woo Hoo, Finally!! :)
To read about it and buy a copy, just click on the tab at the top that says "My Book".

My goal in writing the book was to bring awareness
 to two causes dear to my heart.....orphan ministry and sex slavery.
I pray it does so and brings not only awareness but action as well!


Debbie said...

Look forward to reading it! What's the cost?
The 'Buy Now' link didn't work.

Denise said...

Awesome!!! Congratulations!


Denise said...

P.S. Two things: I couldn't get the link to work, either, and that is *such* a cute picture!

-stephanie- said...

Congratulations. Hope it sells a lot and your story gets out there.

Ryan said...

To everyone wanting to by the book: here's the Paypal link!

Sean and Lisa said...

The Paypal button seems to be working fine for me so I'm not sure. Hmmm....let me try to figure it out. :)

Tereasa said...

So exciting! I'll purchase a copy soon!

Denise said...

I tried the link again and it works now! :)

Beth in NC said...

That is awesome!!!

His Hands His Feet Today said...

Congrats on this major accomplishment :)