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Thursday, June 16, 2011

One of those days....

A couple Saturdays ago I had one of those days. You know, one of those days when you say "Wow God, I  can't believe how You love me!"  It just so happens that Tracie Peterson was coming to our little  town to do a book signing/luncheon event. So my wonderful mom signed us up and I'm so glad she did! Now honestly, I think I may have read only one of Tracie's books before so the main motivation for me was to ask her questions, lots of questions. :)

She was so kind and has such a great sense of humor! She was also gracious to answer my gazillion questions and gave me great advice in marketing my own book. After speaking with her we had some time before the lunch so we went for a walk and met her husband, Jim. Goodness, what a tremendous man of God! Funny too!! We spoke and we realized we journey some of the same roads....autism...disabilities....heartbreak....homeschooling.....mustard seed size hope. It was amazing how God brought us together on common ground to share our common journeys to encourage one another onward and upward. We joined hands and prayed right there and when we went to eat lunch my eyes were welling and my heart was overflowing.  God is so good!! 
It's funny....I thought I was going to learn more about how to market my book but God knew that's not what I needed. I needed encouraged, lifted up, inspired, and to realize, yet again, I am not alone. 
He is so good to me! 
Yep, it was just another one of those days. 


Beth in NC said...

Praise God. What a wonderful gift from God.

I'm so happy you received such a blessing!