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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Surgery...Prayers Needed!!

Please, please pray for my son's best friend today. He is having surgery at John Hopkins to remove his thyroid and all the surrounding lymph nodes because they are cancerous. He also recently found out that the cancer has spread to his lungs. He is only 16 years old!

Please pray for Ed, his parents and the surgeon's hands to stay steady. There is great risk of damage to his vocal chords due to the location of some of the surgery. May God envelope Ed with His peace, comfort and healing and may Ed's life be long, healthy and prosperous to bring glory and honor to the Great Physician!!

Thank you!

An update:  Ed came through the 10 hour surgery well. God was guiding the surgeons' hands and no damage was done to his vocal chords...PRAISE GOD!!  He has a long recovery ahead so please don't stop praying for him!! Thank you!!


Debbie said...

Standing in faith with you that God will watch over Ed.