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Monday, June 13, 2011

This Boy....

Samuel T. is a ball of action. LOL! He has a stealth mode and too many times we have found him at the top of the steps banging on the door to come in. So his climbing skills are first rate! :)  If there is an open door you can bet he will be out it before you can even turn around and the couch....well that's his own personal jungle gym. LOL! He likes to climb all the way to the top of it so he can look out the window and see what's going on. 

He is so stinkin' serious with most folks but he has a tremendously funny side he shares often with us. His face in this picture cracks me up! 

Samuel has a unique way of getting around these days. Although he can walk if we hold his hand he hasn't tried nor does he have any desire (we've tried enticing him with cookies with no luck) to walk on his own. So, this is how he gets around. It's more than a crawl but less than a walk. :) 

And there he goes. Just look at that cute little baby bum and those chubby legs!! :) 

Seriously contemplating the state of the world. LOL! 

So happy with the state of his world!! :) 

I'm in the process of working on a post about Samuel's story and what God is teaching me through this precious treasure! So stay tuned......


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

I seriously want to eat him up!!!! Cutie pie chubs!!!! Oh man it gets that smile :) LOVE!!!

Denise said...

Samuel's face in that first picture is too cute for words, and I just love his chunky little thighs! I was going to ask you if he was walking because he sure looks steady on his feet in recent pictures. I love the way he gets around! I hope you have video of that. :) Looking forward to reading about Samuel's story...