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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another Eventful Night...

Ah...parenting, what a ride! LOL! So, last night as we all walked back into our house from the pool Kyalynn starts yelling and saying ouch. No one was wearing shoes and we just assumed she hurt her foot on a rock. After getting her dried off I checked her foot. Here she had stepped on a wasp or bee or something. Her foot was already swelling so I gave her B*nadryl. I fed the troops and went off for a bit on a walk. When I returned Sean came out to the deck and said (the words that bring dread to my heart pretty much every time) "you'd better come look at this." Kyalynn was covered, and I mean covered everywhere, with welts and hives. Her eyes were swollen (but not quite closed) her lips were swollen and (the part that concerned me most!) was her nose was swollen and had a bright red triangle surrounding it! I called the pediatrician to see if she felt the B*nadryl would kick in but when I told her about the nose thing she told me to get her to the hospital ASAP. I asked if I should repeat the B*nadryl and she said "no, you should have enough time to get to the hospital." !!!! Ok, that's when I began to seriously worry. Kyalynn was talking and breathing fine so that was a blessing! To make a terribly long story short, after treatment (which included giving her a shot in her stomach!) she looked 100% better! Apparently, our girl is allergic to something that stings! LOL! So we have a prescription for more steroids for the next couple of days and an epi pen to keep with us at all times.

At one point, as we waited a really, REALLY long time in the ER, Sean and I looked at each other and said "man this parenting gig is hard work!" LOL!  Kyalynn did excellent considering the overload of stimuli of noise and people. She was calm and only cried at the shot in her belly. (Side note: Why is it that Drs and nurses lie and say to the child this won't hurt?! I always tell my kids the truth so I tried my best to explain to her what they were going to do and told her it will HURT, and it did! The truth is always best...especially if you want the child to trust drs/nurses, etc.....ok, I digress)

Kyalynn was a riot though because her happy place is animals. So, pretty much from the first interaction with the triage nurses she began saying "go to the pet store?" and I responded "tomorrow". This banter continued the WHOLE time until we walked out the door around 11:30 PM! The nurse (the same one that triaged us) checked us out, gave me the prescriptions and instructions and said "make sure you take this girl to the pet store tomorrow." LOL!

So we are off to .....THE PET STORE!!!

Have I mentioned how much I love this little girl?! She is such a precious treasure!!

Note to self: have children wear shoes from the house to the pool.   :)


Denise said...

Oh my goodness, poor Kyalynn! That sounds like what E looked like after having peanut butter! Scary stuff. I'm so glad she's okay and that she tolerated the ER well. (Oh, and I'm with you on docs and nurses telling kids that it won't hurt. Ugh.)

Hope you all had fun at the pet store! :)