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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Kyalynn started her Therapeutic Riding class this week. She was so stinkin' excited! You know this girl and animals...she couldn't wait to get on "her horse". :) She had to wait a bit while the horse was getting ready to go and she was yelling and trying to break free from the helpers. I was so impressed by how well they handled her!  She had no fear AT ALL about getting on the back of this big horse. She loves R.D. her horse and prays for him often. She took to riding like a duck on water. LOL! She couldn't stop beaming from ear to ear and everytime she'd go past us she'd say "hi mommy, hi daddy, look at me, I'm riding a horse." She is so cute! The teacher told me that Kyalynn was singing away to the horse but not loud enough for them to hear what song she was singing. Kyalynn was truly in her "happy place" atop that beautiful, brown mare.

Until now I didn't really know much about therapeutic riding and its' benefits. It's amazing how this program helps so many children and adults not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well!

Therapeutic Riding has so many benefits. Here are just a few:

Therapeutic riding can help to:

•develop mobility, balance & coordination

•improve muscle tone & strength

•increase concentration & improve learning skills

•offer a challenging recreational activity

•foster independence & achievement

•develop self confidence & motivation

•become a means of movement for those unable to walk

My little cowgirl is already counting down to next weeks class! What an amazing ministry this is to the special needs community. We are so blessed to be a part of it!!


Karin said...

What an awesome ministry! She looks so cute up on that big horse. :)

Sandy said...

This is an amazing minisrty. I enjoyed helping years back and maybe someday I will be able to again. There is nothing better then those smiling faces of the students..

Denise said...

She looks so adorable, and so comfortable! J used to take therapeutic riding classes when he was little and they were amazing. A friend suggested them, and prior to that, I hadn't even known that they existed. I'd love for E to take them but he's allergic to horses. :(