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Thursday, July 28, 2011


This is a lake not far from our home. I just LOVE it there. It is so very peaceful and beautiful. It's not the beach but it's not bad. :) It's the local water resevoir so no motorboats and no swimming allowed which helps aid the quietness and peacefulness about the place. I've found myself pulling this picture up on the computer screen (this week especially!) just to gain a measure and moment of peacefulness because boy oh boy, it ain't in great supply around here this week! :(

My mom has offered Sean and I another date night this Friday night (that makes 2 this month!!) because she can see we sorely need to just get away together and gain our footing back. Parenting is hard enough but throw RAD into the equation and WOWZA!

I think we might stop by this lake on our way out to dinner. It would be a great place to just sit, pray and re-focus and shake off some of that dirt and grime that has accumulated from this battle to gain ground in a broken heart. Prayers ALWAYS appreciated!!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

PRAYING my friend!!! I sooo get you!!!!!! It is rough and sometimes not pretty, but PRAYING because God sees the beauty even in our trials.

Denise said...

I kept this picture up on my monitor because it really is SO peaceful to look at. I hope you two have a wonderful date! I'm sorry that hasn't been much peace at your house. I can relate, believe me! :) I continue to keep you and your sweet family in my prayers!

Debbie said...

Looks like the perfect spot to start a date night. Praying for you and I hope you were able to have a great night off to refuel a bit.