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Monday, July 25, 2011


Oh my goodness, isn't he a riot?! He wants to wear these goggles every time he swims even though he doesn't put his head under. He reminds me of a mad scientist or something. LOL!

Say CHEESE!! :) The first day Gabi got into the pool she was TERRIFIED! She held on to me with a death grip. But now, she is all about swimming! She goes under water, LOVES to be thrown up in the air, and can hold her own in a swim race. She's come a long way baby! :)

Kyalynn has surprised me the most with the pool. She LOVES it! She started putting her head under a second at a time and now she can swim under water! She loves to climb on someone's back and say "take a breath, take a breath" and then you go under and so does she. She laughs and laughs. Just a day or so ago she decided seeing her brother and sister being thrown up looked like fun so she wanted to do it too. I was nervous about it at first and she did gulp some water a couple of times but now she has it down and comes up smiling ear to ear. This girl never fails to amaze us. She has the most reasons to make excuses and yet she doesn't. She just keeps on trying until she does it.

Connor is a natural swimmer. He is like a fish. We actually love having him swim because it gets him active and helps to get all that extra energy out (well, most of it anyway! LOL!) He does backflips off the rafts, handstands, and can swim under water well. We keep telling him if he can just learn to follow rules he could be a great olympic swimmer. :)

And sweet Samuel....he doesn't much like the water unless it's 86 degrees or above. A couple of times as I've held him and walked in the water he's fallen asleep but it's hard to stay asleep with all the splashing that comes from the other little's. I think that's the main reason he doesn't really like the pool...he keeps getting splashed and that cold water startles him but he LOVES to watch the kids from the safety of the deck. He gets so excited when they are laughing and splashing and joins in with his "eagle squeal" (loud ear penetrating screams) as Sean lovingly calls it. :)

I'm telling ya' that pool ties right up at the top for best investment, right next to the trampoline. It has been such an incredible blessing not only to us but to lots of others, especially in this hot weather. I love having a house full and a pool full too!!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

he he he- we can't wait - our new home has a pool! and you all are soo invited to come whenever you want :) !!!!!

Hmmmm.....Joanna has one of those eagle squeals too, but I don't call it lovingly anything :( yikes!! :)