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Monday, August 22, 2011

Oh Geesh!

Long day. Sean took off half a day so he could help me with the kids. Gabriella and Samuel both had appointments with their specialists. Sean entertained the children not seeing the dr. while I corralled (Samuel!) and entertained (Gabi) while waiting (forever!) to see the drs. Gabriella loves for me to tell her stories so we spent some of our waiting time doing that. Then after my brain hurt from thinking LOL! we painted her nails, took pictures with my phone, played hangman, and she sang her heart out. There's alot you can accomplish in those 40 minutes of waiting! :) When it was Samuel's turn he played for a bit with his toys but soon was entranced with all the flashing lights and buttons on the side of the bed. Goodness what are they thinking to make this small child wait for 30 minutes in a room filled with No-No's?! He finally fell into an exhausted sleep about 5 minutes before we were finished. I'm ready to fall into an exhausted sleep myself! I hope to write more tomorrow about Gabi's visit but for now I'm off to bed to recharge for another busy day tomorrow.
Sweet dreams....


Denise said...

Waiting rooms are tough...especially when they make you wait for so long! Our children's hospital has a TV, which sometimes helps, but if the kids have seen the movie or don't like it for some reason, I have to get creative. :) Glad you had your hubby there to help!

Beth E. said...

Goodness gracious, I guess that WAS a long day! I'm glad all of that is behind you. Hope you get a good night's rest!

rsctt603 said...

Love it great woman of God! Go for it! I have a similar blog that I just started, lets' seize the WEB.Amen.