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Thursday, August 4, 2011


I am still here. LOL! Just so, so busy trying to get things ready to start school on Monday. The kids are beyond excited to so much. :) Today was spent ridding all the extra junk that's accumulated in a few short months in our homeschool room. Not an easy feat when Samuel is on the move CONSTANTLY! LOL! I'd clear a shelf and have to bolt out the door because he was headed up the stairs or down the driveway. No matter that there are a TON of toys right outside the door, he didn't care, all he wanted to do was ramble...alot! :) So after a long days work the room is almost there. YEA!! Now if I could just finish writing my curriculum we'd be all set. Oh well, nothing like taking it down to the wire. LOL!
I'm determined to get things done and ready to go by Monday because I really couldn't stand to disappoint these anxious children. :)

This was the kids at our last movie night. We watched The Incredibles. We had to skip and fast forward quite a bit because the kids get scared very easily. It's crazy but they can't even watch The Little Mermaid yet. They run from the room screaming when the giant octopus lady comes on. LOL!