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Friday, August 12, 2011

Rockin' the glasses....

Isn't he precious?! This boy keeps me laughing!! He surprised me today by quoting the whole bible verse all by himself. He was only working on the first three words and the other kids were to learn the whole thing. Guess who was listening and learning right along with them!! You go Nolan! 

Really he is a master of disguise. He is always wearing something that causes a laugh. Let's see...the other day it was his sisters' white dress shoes. He told me they were his tapping shoes. :) Then yesterday he had on shorts and his cowboy boots because "he wanted to rodeo". LOL! He's been known to wear pink hello kitty boots and nothing but his undies to ride his tricycle. Not sure the meaning behind that. :)  So glad we live on a mountain top with nothing but wildlife around otherwise we might scare the neighbors. HA! Actually, my brother is my neighbor and I'm pretty sure we scared him quite a long while ago....before the pink boots and undies debuted. LOL! 


Beth E. said...

He's adorable! His smile lights up his entire face. Way to go, Nolan, for memorizing the Bible verse!

Denise said...

He is just so cute! I love his creativity.