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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Arg Matey!

We have found unit studies to be the best way to teach our children. I love that we can take a subject and tailor it to meet each of their unique needs. This month our focus is on pirates. I'm often amazed at the retention of even the littlest ones as they recount various facts we've learned so far.

Come on, admit it, cuter pirates you've never seen! :)


 Sam was busy eating supper when the kids placed this pirate hat on his head. So please excuse the food hanging out of his mouth. LOL!

When I was working on planning out the month of lessons I had this hare-brained great idea to turn the picnic tables into pirate ships. Nothing like hands-on play to bring the subject to life, at least that's my philosophy. :)

My precious man wasted no time creating these masterpieces. The sails billow and everything! He added a "cannon" which is what Connor is lying against in the picture. He was pretending he was shooting the cannon off. LOL!  Sean even added a plank for them to walk but alas, poor Nolan hit his head too many times on said plank and they are now removed. It was just the right height and as they were running and playing without fail he'd run right into it. :(

Although Sean and I will be happy to remove the "pirate ships" from our yard when this month is over I do believe the little's may not be as happy. LOL!
The best part is when people visit and see these "ships" as they pull up. Their faces are priceless and their comments too. I can't tell you how many have said they wished they were homeschooled or that they didn't know school could be so fun. :)


Shonni said...

Ohhh, it looks like a wonderful fun way to learn!!! Love the ships!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love it!!!

What curriculum do you use??

Sean and Lisa said...

I make up my own as I go. We do use workbooks for math, grammar and the like but I try to tie everything else into our subject matter. :)

Tereasa said...

You are such a fun set of parents. My kids would be jealous!