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Friday, September 23, 2011

Just had to share...

We are learning about Limericks and today the kids had to write one about pirates. To be honest, they all dictated them to me and I wrote them down. We are still diligently working on fine motor control and Connor, the only one who can write on his own has lots of frustration with trying to sound out and spell the words correctly. He is quite a perfectionist in this area and it helps for me to write it for him and then have him copy my writing in his own time. BUT, these are their own writings so without further ado, their limericks. To be fun I'll just write them without child's name and you guess whose they are. I will post at the bottom who wrote what. :)

#1 ~ There once was a pirate named Silly Old Jack,
He liked to clap his hat,
He sailed away for a whole day,
That pirate named Silly Old Jack.

#2 ~ There once was a pirate named Ham,
Who ate a jar of jam,
His belly was stuffed,
He was all puffed,
That silly old pirate named Ham.

#3 ~ There once was a pirate named Jack
Who fell on his back,
He spat on his knee, He spat on his shoes,
That funny faced pirate named Jack.

#4 ~ There once was a pirate named King
Who lost his gold ring
He splashed in the sea
Where can it be?
That silly old pirate named King.

Did you guess correctly? :)

#1 - Nolan
#2 - Connor
#3 - Kyalynn
#4 - Gabriella


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love it!!!!

Denise said...

Look how cute your blog is! I love it!

The Limericks are hysterical...and I guessed every single one WRONG! :)