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Monday, October 31, 2011

Good Clean Fun...

While the little's were outside enjoying the snow on Saturday I gathered items together to surprise the girls with an "Ohh La La Beauty Day" as per a favorite Fancy Nancy book. They were so excited!
Here's Gabi with her banana and honey facial (yuck!).

 And here she is with her hair and makeup done and enjoying a foot soak.

Kyalynn's favorite part was the makeup. She smiled the whole way through. She didn't want her nails done but I finally convinced her and she is still walking around flaunting her nails and saying "ooh pretty". LOL!

Yesterday we all worked (even little Nolan!) on shoveling our driveway because the snow was too heavy for the snowblower. Our electricity went out on Saturday afternoon and came back on Sunday night around 8PM. I will admit that the pioneer-feeling day was wonderful on Saturday but that's because I figured the electricity would  come back on overnight, but it didn't. I was cranky and stressed and I'll admit even whiny by Sunday night. I can do well with people chaos but I can't function in house chaos and mine was chaos! So when the lights came back on last night, after we had all cheered and praised God, I set to work getting my physical world in order. When the last dish was cleaned, the floor swept, and everything back in it's own place I was a very happy girl again. :) We are still missing Nolan's Ted (his very favorite, take it everywhere with him, dirty, crusty, loved teddy bear) and after seeking high and low with flashlights I was certain we'd find him today but still no luck. Oh where oh where is that little teddy bear, oh where oh where can he be?! :)

I will say that I once thought I could live like the pioneers but after this weekend I sorely doubt it. Our fervent prayers continue for all of those still without power. Sure makes you appreciate the little things in life when they are gone for a while. Every time I turn that water spigot on today praise rolls off my lips!!

Oh to be like a little child.....they were happy as larks with electricity or without. They thought it was fun using flashlights and eating our meals by candlelight. The girls were such a riot Saturday morning when they saw the snow out their windows. Their voices raised in excitement.....them singing Frosty the Snowman.....talking about what they were going to do in the snow....memories I will always cherish.


-stephanie- said...

Such beautiful little girls. What a fun thing you surprised them with.
Glad you got your electricity back. Ours went out for 2 days in September and my girls loved it!

Denise said...

What a fun day. LOVE the pictures of the girls!

I tend to romanticize pioneer life, but the truth is that I never, ever, for a minute want to be without my washer and dryer! ;) Praying that Nolan finds Ted!!


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