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Saturday, October 29, 2011

It Happened, It Really, Really Happened!!

The weatherman was *actually* right! LOL! The only problem is he usually isn't and so we didn't plan accordingly. We live at the top of a mountain....the TOP...of a....MOUNTAIN....not a hill....not a small rise...a MOUNTAIN!! (Hence the name of the blog! LOL!) Our driveway is extremely steep....think straight we might be snowbound for a day or two since all the vehicles are up here at the top, with us. :) Oh well, we have hot cocoa, homemade cookies, and lots of lovin' so we are good. Actually....we are beyond good...we are BLESSED!!!
Happy Snowy Saturday!!!!


Denise said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! Honestly, I was surprised at the snow, too. Enjoy your weekend with family, hot cocoa, and cookies. Sounds like you have everything you need!


-stephanie- said...

The first snowfall is always pretty. It's when it decides to stay a long time that irritates me. :o) Enjoy being snowbound.

Beth E. said...

Beautiful snow! Sounds like you have all of the necessities for staying at home for a few days. ;-)

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Have fun........ don't see that stuff down here :)