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Thursday, October 20, 2011

My lil' pumpkins... little pumpkins...

Nolan was not going anywhere near that giant spider! LOL! I told him it was fake but nothin' doing this boy wouldn't budge. 

Our crew filled up all the hay bales around the campfire. 

Samuel not sure if he wants to go first. LOL! Look closely at my Gabi girls' bling. Girl can't even go to the pumpkin patch without necklace, bracelet and rings! LOL!

 Absolutely LOVE this picture. Just look at Kyalynn's face....priceless! And Samuel, his personality shining through! :)

  Sam deciding whether the pumpkin is a friend or not. LOL!

This would be a really great picture...everyone looking forward....most with smiles....all except the fact that one piece of my hair is blowing across my face making it look like a very odd mustache! :)