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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So, I have a confession to make. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a mom of many but I have to admit I don't do well, at all, with injuries. I've had my share of injuries through the years, mainly with Ryan (he's our daredevil!) so you'd think I'd do better with them now. I don't! I'm not sure if it's the screaming, the blood, the pain or what, but it sends me into the panic zone pretty quick. I don't stay there, I do balance back out but that initial adrenaline....whew, baby! LOL!

The story goes like this.....the kids were all outside playing and Samuel and I were at Big Orange (the forklift mentioned in last post). Nolan, Connor and I had raked leaves for a bit in the morning and there was a huge pile they were playing in. As Samuel and I were making our way up the hill to where the kids were I heard Connor yelling for me. He told me Nolan was hurt {which happens in a small degree everyday, he IS a boy after all! LOL!) but then I saw him. My sweet little boy. He was crying and there was blood everywhere on his face. I scooped up Samuel and we ran to Nolan and then I saw the hole. Oh my word! This is where I felt the panic rising up. I knew he'd have to go to the ER and then my mind is scrambling as to how I can make this happen with all the kids. I heard yelling and realized it was myself and then realizing that I had 5 sets of eyes on me I started praying for him and for myself. After putting a towel on it I remembered Ryan was home from work early today {such a God thing!} and called for him. He got the truck pulled up and ready to go and just as I was getting into the truck Ericka {Zack's fiancee} pulled up. She was coming over to visit {another God thing!} and rode along to help. That's just what I needed, someone else to take over so I could breathe and think straight and within minutes I was balanced back out. The whole thing was likely less than 10 minutes but I still feel like I failed the don't-get-panicked-test and I really don't want to try it again for a better grade. LOL!

Nolan is fine, thank God. Since it was a head wound it was really bleeding. We've had head wounds before and I knew they bled more, but still, at that moment my boy covered in blood it was too much for my mommy's heart. The story is that he went down the slide and tripped and hit the fence. He had a pretty deep hole right in his forehead but he's all fixed up now, 3 stitches later. He was so brave!

There's my confession....when my kids are hurt badly I panic. I wish I handled it calmly and cooly but I don't. I wish I was supermom, but I'm not. I'm just little 'ole me doing the best I can with Father God filling in my endless gaps and boy am I so thankful for that! :)


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

My hubby too! I think it helps that I was an EMT and although I HATE seeing any child hurt EVER.....God has given me the ability to stay calm. Thank You Jesus!!!

Thankful Connor is ok and your other kiddos could help!

Beth E. said...

Bless his little heart...I'm so glad that Nolan - and you - are okay! I can definitely relate to the reactions you have with injuries...i do the same thing!

Denise said...

SO glad that Nolan is okay. I panic initially, too. I always thought that I'd be one to remain calm but somehow I just REACT! I'm so happy that you had help and that everything turned out well.

Tereasa said...

Oh, Sweet Nolan. I'm glad he's ok.

Not me... I'm Stellar Stella in a crisis. Once everything settles, I fall to pieces. It's like I hold my breath through the entire ordeal and then let it all loose once I know everything's ok. Ha, ha.