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Monday, November 14, 2011

Our Sweet Samuel T...

It's so hard to believe he will be 20 months old this week!! I've got to tell you I have enjoyed every single minute this boy has been a part of our lives! He is such a precious gem. I can't tell you how many times Sean and I have watched him asleep in our arms and have just been overcome with gratefulness to God for this precious gift. Yesterday, as we were leaving to do a grocery run my parents begged asked if they could watch him. We were happy to share our treasure and headed off but let me tell you how weird it was for me to look back into the car seats and see that one missing seat. I'm so used to taking the kids with me everywhere I go {except for Gab's various drs. appts. if I can help it} that I just felt "off" the whole shopping trip. We were ALL anxious to get that sweet boy back into our arms! In fact, Kyalynn cried when grammy and pappy drove off with little Sam in their car. She LOVES that boy! LOL! She asked repeatedly where he was and when he was coming home. Anyhow, at one point I said to Sean "look back there and imagine if we had said No to Samuel. That missing carseat would be our reality. Can you imagine?!" He said "I can't imagine and I don't even want to think about it". Then he said I miss him already.....he had only been gone about 10 minutes at that point! :) All that to someone missing from your family? Could you be missing out on one of the greatest treasures ever because of fear?! Is God knocking on your heart? Is there a child somewhere in this world praying for you to be the answer to their prayers to not be an orphan anymore? The need is so great but the blessings......they are beyond compare!!

 Sam LOVES Sean's big forklift. Every day he walks down the hill and stands there waiting for me to lift him up to the seat. So funny!

This is his Winnie the Pooh stuffy from his treasure of a birthmom. I mean how could the boy not be a treasure with the amazing birthmom he has!!

It's funny when someone asks me how Sam is doing developmentally. At first it really bothered me and I felt I had to explain why he isn't doing A, B or C like other kids his age. Now, I answer he's practically perfect in every way!!!  And he is. :)


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

I totally LOVE THAT ANSWER!!!! :)

And yes someone is missing....we are praying over them right now? Waiting for them to come HOME! :)