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Isn't silence nice sometimes? It's a rare treat around here, LOL! Anyhow, I do have lots of pictures and fun things to share with ya'll but it will have to wait just a bit longer. I just had to pull myself away from a rousing game of air hockey to type this much. :) By the way, I won my game against Sean! That's right, Air Hockey Queen's in the house. 

Only 1 day and my sweet 9lb baby boy will be a married man. Oh man, does time fly! We've had a light dusting of snow which will make the wedding even that much more beautiful. 

In other news, last night we had a wonderful surprise. One of Ryan's friends that we've adopted as our own came back for Zachary's wedding. He recently moved about 4 hours away and we have missed him terribly. :( You should have heard the screams of all the little's when they saw "our" Dereck! It was precious. So our boy is home for a few days and we are going to enjoy every.single.moment. Life is way too short!

And …

Christmas around the world....

I can't write a post without a fabulous picture to go with it so here you littles ready to go on our annual "see the lights" ride. Homemade cookies, hot cocoa and jammies...nothing better! :)    (One child missed out on the extras of the cookies and cocoa. Bet you can't guess which one)

This month in school we've been studying about "Christmas Around the World". It's been fun to learn how other cultures celebrate and to hear Kyalynn trying so hard to say Merry Christmas in another language! LOL! So I thought it would be fun to share with you some of what we learned this month. How to say Merry Christmas in:
China - Kung Hei Shing Taan (goong-hoh-sheng-tahn) Russia - S'Rozhdestvom Khristovym (z'roh-DESHT-vohm KRIS-too-vim) Mexico - Feliz Navidad (feh-LEES na-vee-DAHD) Swahili (Africa) - Sikukuu ya Kuzaliwa Kristo (see-koo-koo yah koo-zah-lee-wah kree-stow) Arabic (Saudi Arabia) - Miladun Said (mee-lah-doon sah-yeed) France - Joyeaux Noel (Z…

What Shall I bring?

The wise may bring their learning,  The rich may bring their wealth, And some may bring their greatness, And some their strength and health;
We too would bring our treasures  To offer to the King;
We have no wealth or learning: What shall we children bring? We'll bring Him hearts that love Him; We'll bring Him thankful praise, And young souls meekly striving To walk in holy ways: And these shall be the treasures We offer to the King, And these are gifts that even The poorest child may bring. ~author unknown~

Words to Ponder....

His Love....Reaching
Right from the beginning God's love has reached, and from the beginning man has refused to understand.  But love went on reaching, offering itself.  Love offered the eternal...we wanted the immediate.  Love offered deep joy....we wanted thrills.  Love offered freedom...we wanted license.  Love offered communion with God Himself...we wanted to worship at the shrine of our own minds.   Love offered peace...we wanted approval for our wars. Even yet, love went on reaching.  And still today, after two thousand years, patiently, lovingly, Christ is reaching out to us today.  Right through the chaos of our world, through the confusion of our minds.   He is reaching...longing to share with us...the very being of God.
His love still is longing. His love still is reaching, right past the shackles of my mind. And the Word of the Father became Mary's little Son.  And His love reached all the way to where I was. ~ Gloria Gaither ~


So this is what it looks like most mealtimes.  I always have plenty of helpers! :)
Half the time I can't find my rolling pin and this is why.... Samuel Tobias loves playing with it! LOL!
That's my man getting ready to butcher our roosters.  No more cockle-doo-doo around here. LOL!   And there is always cooking and baking happening around here. My little's love, love, love playing with playdough. I can't make enough of it for them. This month's flavor is peppermint. Yummy! I love to see their creativity. They use books as cookie sheets for their playdough cookies and put them on the shelf as an oven. Nolan even rings for the timer going off. :)  Today Nolan was using his construction vehicles in it to make roads. So, if you come visit and you wonder what that green stuff is stuck all over our table, don't worry it's just peppermint playdough. :)


There is nothing which God cannot affect. ~ Cicero~ 
If thou knowest God, thou knowest everything is possible for God to do. ~Callimachus~
Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26
Do you ever allow that word to escape your lips? Unfortunately, I do. Too often, to be honest. When the little things continue to pile up and become a full blown battering ram upon my soul and my spirit lags, this word assaults my thoughts and heart. Yet why? For I am a living example of how God has done the impossible in my life. Time and time again I've doubted and feared things were impossible but God never failed to make those very things possible! Why do I forget? 
I know the stories of the impossible....Noah building a huge ark.....Sarah having a child at 90 years old......Moses rescued and adopted....David fighting a huge giant of a man with just a sling and a stone....a donkey Savior born in a stable, di…

Christmas Fun...

We learned a long time ago that when you don't have the extra cash to go and do fun things you need to dig in deep and pull out your fun and creative side. :) Many of the things we do around here are to create memories that last a lifetime. Sometimes it's fun, many times it's corny but the little ones LOVE it. So we continue on. If you've been around much this last year you know that we've started up a new tradition of "Talent Night". Every couple of months we gather together family, yep, even friends (gulp...really have to swallow my pride when friends come. LOL!) and enjoy everyone singing, dancing or doing whatever their talent is for that night. We thought a Christmas version would be fun so we threw  one together last weekend. The kids spent lots of time planning out their "acts" and gathering their "materials". They are a riot! I hope I don't forget these moments because these are the ones that really count! Anyhow, without f…

Living out Acts...

They ate together in their homes,  happy to share their food with joyful hearts. Acts 2:45
How would you have liked to be the one who opened his home for Jesus?
You can be.
"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it for me. (Matthew 25:40) As you welcome strangers to your table, you are welcoming God himself. 
Something holy happens around a dinner table that will never happen in a sanctuary. Don't listen to that voice that everything must be perfect. If we wait until everything is perfect, we'll never issue an invitation. Remember this: what is common to you is a banquet to someone else. You think your house is small, but to the lonely heart, it is a castle. You think your living room is a mess, but to the person whose life is a mess, your house is a sanctuary. You think the meal is simple, but to those who eat alone every night, pork and beans on paper plates tastes like filet mignon. What is small to you is huge to them. 
Open your table.
The …

Are you rich??

A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty. ~ anonymous ~

The Countdown is ON!!

It's hard to believe that my firstborn will soon be a married man! The date is set, the plans in place, the excitement palatable. Ahh, love. :) What an absolutely beautiful thing!!

The little girls are so ready. They are imaging it as a glorified tea party since they've never been to a wedding before. Since we had them try their dresses on Kyalynn has been asking repeatedly "Zack and Ericka wedding?" Oh my, it may be a long month! LOL!

The countdown is ON!!! :)

Just had to share this one!!

Prayers for my special buddy...

Remember this precious little guy? Many of you prayed for him during his last hospitalization. Jonathan has so many medical issues that cause him to be in and out of hospitals way too many times. :(  Poor little guy is again in the hospital and needing our prayers. The Drs. aren't sure what is going on so prayers for wisdom would be really appreciated. Also, prayers for his sweet family as they endure the testing and waiting with such grace and fortitude.

He is a treasure, I'm telling ya! A walking miracle boy. Please join me in praying for him so he can get back home and enjoy life at full speed.
Thank you!!!

Hodge Podge...

I just can't seem to find the necessary time to get all the posts brewing in my head typed out. LOL! I have no idea why I can't find some spare minutes in my 24 hour day to write something down but until this moment I haven't. So here is my hodge podge version of what's been happening on the mountaintop. Most of it is for my sake so I can remember what in the world I was doing with my time and the memories we are creating. All I know is that when I get to the end of my life I couldn't care less if I don't have two dimes to rub together, or a houseful of things to show off. As long as I have been loved by my wonderful man and my precious children I have been the richest woman on the earth!!
So without further ado....the past month (or so) in a nutshell. We do a Harvest Party every year for the little ones instead of Halloween. Some years have been just us and others have included grandparents and/or friends. This year we were so blessed to have Zack and Ericka an…