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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Fun...

We learned a long time ago that when you don't have the extra cash to go and do fun things you need to dig in deep and pull out your fun and creative side. :) Many of the things we do around here are to create memories that last a lifetime. Sometimes it's fun, many times it's corny but the little ones LOVE it. So we continue on. If you've been around much this last year you know that we've started up a new tradition of "Talent Night". Every couple of months we gather together family, yep, even friends (gulp...really have to swallow my pride when friends come. LOL!) and enjoy everyone singing, dancing or doing whatever their talent is for that night. We thought a Christmas version would be fun so we threw  one together last weekend. The kids spent lots of time planning out their "acts" and gathering their "materials". They are a riot! I hope I don't forget these moments because these are the ones that really count! Anyhow, without further ado here are some pictures from the show....

Kyalynn played a song from Charlie Brown's Christmas on her piano. 
Just look at the pure joy in her face! 
This girl LOVES music. 
She did an awesome job and even clapped for herself when she finished. :)

Gabriella decided she wanted to make a surprise drawing for her talent.
 She worked hard and turned out a beautiful butterfly! 

Little man played the harmonica. 
Not sure what song he was playing LOL! but it was priceless! 

Connor sang Joy to the World. He sang acapella (? - without music LOL!)
He did a beautiful job. So wish I had a video camera! 

 And Samuel was not to be excluded.
He jingled this bell as we all sang Jingle Bells together. :)

Who's that? Rudolph?? That's just grammy joining in the fun. She sang Up on the Housetop while dancing around. I laughed so hard I thought I'd pee my pants! Nolan wasn't so sure...he just
stared at her with saucer eyes which of course made me laugh even more! LOL! Pappy participated too by dressing in a Santa suit. Now we don't "do" Santa around here. My children know the real reason for Christmas and why we celebrate it. Funny sidenote: Whenever we are at the store without fail somebody asks the kids if they are ready for Santa. My kids always say No which shocks the person asking but allows the opportunity to share who Christmas is REALLY about! :)

We ended the "show" with a live nativity. This was hysterical as the kids planned out who they would be and what they would wear. I had to fill in for Joseph because at the last minute Connor decided he wanted to be a Wiseman instead. :) Samuel was to be baby Jesus but he had no desire to be laying down for that long, hence the baby in swaddling clothes standing up! LOL! Nolan was a shepherd boy but I think he was off chasing a sheep during this photo. Sean was all the animals. I know, you're all jealous my man is so multi-talented. LOL! Let's see, Mary (Gabriella) rode in on his back as he was her donkey. Then Connor rode in on his back because he was his camel and Nolan led him in as his sheep. 

All in all, great fun, good clean laughs and much memory making took place. Gosh, I will miss this when they are bigger and realize how corny this "fun" is. :)


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Oh how I MISS the days when our house was FILLED with Young Ones.

mama of a dozen
ages 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 18, 21, 22, 22, 24, 26, 27

Denise said...

What sweet pictures! I've been trying to think of creative, fun things to do since money is so tight. My little ones would love this, but my almost-14-year-old would definitely not want to participate! lol

Did I ever mention that I love seeing pictures of your sweet kiddos?? :)

Debbie said...

LOVE this! I might need to do this with our girls.