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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


So this is what it looks like most mealtimes. 
I always have plenty of helpers! :)

Half the time I can't find my rolling pin and this is why....
Samuel Tobias loves playing with it! LOL!

That's my man getting ready to butcher our roosters. 
No more cockle-doo-doo around here. LOL!  
And there is always cooking and baking happening around here. My little's love, love, love playing with playdough. I can't make enough of it for them. This month's flavor is peppermint. Yummy! I love to see their creativity. They use books as cookie sheets for their playdough cookies and put them on the shelf as an oven. Nolan even rings for the timer going off. :) 
Today Nolan was using his construction vehicles in it to make roads. So, if you come visit and you wonder what that green stuff is stuck all over our table, don't worry it's just peppermint playdough. :) 


NeeCee said...

And it will smell good too!

Nish said...

cute kids and good family. nice planning for hungry . fantastic your trip
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