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Monday, January 16, 2012

Five little monkeys....and a dog....

As we walked in our woods last week we found lots of  fun things to play on. The high winds have knocked a ton of dead trees and/or their branches down. The 5 little monkeys had a great time climbing all over them. And don't forget the dog who thinks he's a child too! LOL! 

Do you see our fearless protector? He blends in with the tree poor thing. This is actually his stealth mode. :)

And what's that? Did you ask me if I feed my child? Well yes, yes I do but he wanted to see what being a beaver is like. :)

I'm thinking the whole beaver thing isn't as tasty as he imagined. lol!

C'mon say it, you know you want to......


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Awwwww......5 very CUTE monkeys who just happen to be ADORABLE!!!!! Love watching kids play in God's creation!!!

Beth E. said...

They are adorable! Did you have a bunch of pine cones? My boys always liked gathering those and making bird feeders out of them!