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Monday, January 9, 2012

Getting the energy out...

I know it's surprising but we have LOTS of energy bundles around here. LOL! There is this great fitness trail not far from our home. It's in the woods and is so peaceful and quiet (well, until we get there that is! LOL!) 

The kids do really well with balancing. Even Samuel gave it a try but he needed a little hand holding help. :)

Sean is trying to show them what they are supposed to do at each stop. Kyalynn is really getting into it. :)

 Sean was doing push-ups and soon he had a little monkey on his back. 
Then another, and another. Soon he couldn't budge from all the monkeys on his back. 

I love how they are all watching their daddy so intently. That's cuz they want to be just like him someday!

He's so patient with the little's. His arms were sore from having to do this 5 times! LOL!

Two cute little chipmunks! :)

Connor trying his hand at hurdles. He actually cleared them all. Amazing considering last time he couldn't get over one of them without falling. 

I'm not sure their energy was out by the time we were done but I can tell you that Sean and I's was!! LOL!