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Monday, January 2, 2012

More Wedding Photos...

Here is our whole clan minus the new bride and groom.  Unfortunately, Dereck has his eyes closed and Kyalynn isn't looking but it will do. It's incredibly tough to get a great picture with this many people. LOL! I just love Nolan's expression and stance in this one! He is TOO CUTE!!
We were so happy to have a picture that includes our other sons, Dereck and Ed whom we have adopted into our family. One calls us "mom and pop" and the other calls us "madre and padre", Spanish for mom and dad. We love these guys as our own. 

Oh.My.Word....have you ever seen anything cuter?! Don't they clean up good?! :)

My beautiful girls.....sugar and spice.....  :)

Just look at that smile. I'd say he's one happy man! LOL!

Me and my man. The absolute love of my life!


Beth E. said...

Beautiful pictures...congrats on getting a new daughter! ;-)

Denise said...

Beautiful pictures! Nolan just cracks me up in the family shot. What a cutie!

And you already changed your pictures in your sidebar! You go, girl! :) Great picture of you and your hubby, too.

-stephanie- said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful family. Congratulations on your growing family. Now bring on the grandchildren!