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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Please Pray...

Last week a dear friends whole world was quickly turned upside down. On Monday night her son went to bed just fine but by Tuesday morning he was in the ER and in critical condition. They finally stabilized him (THANK GOD!) and discovered what the problem was. He has a huge mass at the end of his esophagus that also has grown into his stomach and other surrounding organs. I spoke with her late last week and the doctors decided to wait a couple of days for several reasons. One being he really needed to get to a better stabilized condition and two the surgery required has never been done on someone his age or by any of his doctors! The doctors have spent the time researching and speaking to other doctors to try and figure out how best to go about this surgery. At this point, they are not sure if the mass is cancerous or not.

Although Colton is older, his parents understandably, have wanted to be with him at the hospital. Like any hospital stay, it has caused stress with work schedules, childcare and the unknowns that they face.

Colton was scheduled to get surgery early this week and I haven't heard yet how things went. I am asking you to please join me in lifting up Colton, his family, and his doctors. God has been faithful to allow this to have happened now and not later as the doctors said surely he would have died if this happened a couple of years from now! God's timing is always perfect and His ways are always loving.
So very thankful for Him!!
Thanks so much for your prayers! I'll keep you posted as I know more.


Beth E. said...

Oh, how scary for Colton and his family! Praying right now...thanks for sharing this request.