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Thursday, January 12, 2012

We R Home!

Thank you for your prayers! Gabriella did well and she came out of anesthesia surprisngly fast (for her!) As you can tell by the picture she wasn't nervous at all. In fact, everyone was so surprised she was so calm and doing crossword puzzles and giggling. That's my girl! :)
Of course she was oohed and aahed over. Well how could they not?! Just look at that adorable cheeky grin. LOL! She did amazingly well and countless people from the dr. to the nurses complimented her on her behavior. She was starving due to fasting!  We left here a little after 10 am and returned home a little after 6 pm. She was dreaming about what she was going to eat for breakfast tomorrow. LOL! She was greeted at the door by her adoring fans (her siblings) and snuggled a bit on the couch. Then, after 2 bowls of applesauce and some water she was ready to crash in her comfy bed. Sweet dreams little princess....


Beth E. said...

Bless her heart! I'm glad she did well, that the surgery is over, and she's well on her way to full recovery.

She's adorable...I wish I could give her a big hug! :-)

NeeCee said...

I'm so glad everything went well and I'm praying for a quick recovery.