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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Aw..... :)

Our sweet Samuel....such a precious blessing in our lives! Although he doesn't talk yet he still gets his point across, let me tell ya. LOL! We've been trying to teach him signs and so far he can do hat, more, cheese, and a very iffy Jesus. :)

He is ALL boy, climbing on top the table, wrestling his siblings, playing outside and using the furniture like a jungle gym. Oh and did I mention that his nickname had been "hammerhead" for awhile because he loved to headbutt....the floor...the couch...his leg. OUCH! I think we mostly have that behavior least for now. :) 

 He loves trucks and construction equipment and will rifle through our bookshelf loaded with books until he finds just the right one. Then he will bring it to me smiling, grunting and pointing at the dumptruck. He will turn around and ease himself backwards onto my lap and then settles in for me to read him his book. Precious moments for sure.

He is finally able to wear 18 month clothing. (He will be two next month). The boy hates sleep. Seriously, nap time is craziness. He sleeps maybe 20 minutes if I'm lucky and at night, ummm, yeah, still not sleeping through the night...him or me! And when he wakes if he doesn't see me he's very unhappy. So most wake-ups find him crying- not happy and smiling. :( But he settles quickly when he's in his momma's arms. :)

I could go on and on about this little gem. He is such a fun gift from God to us, one we weren't expecting, but are surely enjoying every moment of!!!


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Denise said...

I had to laugh about Samuel getting his point across without talking. I'm sure he does! :) What a cutie. Sorry about the sleep thing; you *know* I understand that one! We also had two head-butters; I was very thankful when that stage ended!
Love the picture of your little guy!