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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Space...the final frontier...

We've been studying all about the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets and space this month. It's been a blast! We've done lots of hands-on fun, learned fingerplays and songs that helped cement our learning, too many crafts (LOL!), and many, many fun Astronaut, Astronaut, Alien, and Moon Rock Toss, Launch the Rocket, and No Gravity.  Even Nolan can name all the planets and give you many interesting tidbits about space too. Love it! 

Here's Kyalynn working on a Solar System puzzle that was a family Christmas gift and a HUGE hit!!

We decided a field trip was in order for this crew after their diligent work for the month so we ventured to Washington, DC and enjoyed the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. It was AWESOME!!! Samuel was thrilled because he LOVES airplanes and as soon as you walk in there are tons of airplanes (full size airplanes!) hanging off the ceilings. For the first half  hour he kept his head craned back so he could look at all of them. :) They have so much to look at and learn about but we spent most of our time in the areas focused on space flight and the planets to tie in with our schooling. This next picture was one of my favorite areas because it showed clearly the difference in sizes between the planets. Did you know that Jupiter is the largest planet? It has 61 moons!

Connor wanted me to be sure I tell you that his favorite part of the museum was the Saturn V Rocket. I had to take several pictures because he wanted the whole rocket in the photo and that baby was BIG! LOL!
 This is the booster rocket on a space shuttle. Look at the size of that baby! Oh my goodness. I'm telling ya those astronauts had to get some major g-force on blast off. 

This was on our long walk back to our truck. The kids found this very cool building with lots and lots of steps. I'm not going to lie, I did gasp many times watching them run up and down fearing a cracked skull or something if one of them tripped. 

The Capitol Building. Gorgeous, ain't it?!

My little's...gorgeous, ain't they?!

And the Washington Monument. 

I love when God orchestrates these wonderful God-appointments in our lives. As we walked towards the museum a man who was following us for a light or two came up and said "may I be rude?" I said, "please do" (LOL!) and he went on to explain that he assumed we had adopted by looking at our beautiful family (awwww!) and shared that he and his wife are in process to adopt a special needs little girl from China. How cool is that?! He asked us some questions and we were able to encourage one another in the journey, then we parted ways blessing each other as God so leads. 
Then, later, when we were finishing up supper I headed to the trash can carrying one child and holding another's hand. This older man followed me and was sharing how beautiful our family is, how blessed we are (I know it!), and how he loved watching us. He did mention he thought I had the patience of Job but I said "Nope, but I think God's trying to teach me the patience of Job!" :)  This man had been sitting a couple of tables away and had really taken a liking to sweet Kyalynn. He was making her laugh which was wonderful because this girl wolfs her food down so fast and is done while I am still trying to find my food. LOL! So he entertained her for us without us even knowing it.
Man, I just love when God uses itty bitty us to impact someone's life and show them HIM!!


Denise said...

What a fun trip, filled with blessings! We have that puzzle, too; the kids love it!