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Friday, March 30, 2012


So remember this little sweetie?

I received an email last night letting me know she has a family!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!
That family is going to be SOOOO blessed! Truly, what a priceless gem to call "daughter". 

So....I thought I'd advocate for another treasure that pulls at my heartstrings....deeply. Who knows, maybe someone will see him on here and feel God calling them to bring him "home" or maybe they will share about him to someone else who will be the ones chosen to love him forever.  This little one is seriously running out of time. Please pray for a family to bring him "HOME".

Июнь 2011г.

This is from Until All The Children Come Home website. 

This little guy needs to come home so desperately!His name is Marat. He has spastic displegic cerebral palsy and is doing beautifully. He is from the south-eastern lands, Azerbaijan or Tadjikistan - a minority in Russia. If you adopt him you will be going through Region 15. He sat for three years in a wheel-chair in his orphanage because he has Cerebral palsy and they didn't know what to do with him. Finally he was lucky to be hospitalized and to come under my friend's radar while in the lucky to be hospitalized and to come under my friend's radar while in the hospital. Operation was not needed at the end - doctors just applied a cast to straighten his feet, and he started to walk! But he is so afraid to walk - he shakes like a little bunny in a winter snow every time he is pulled up for physical therapy. He needs a gentle, soft hand to guide him through PT. He is teased by older kids in his orphanage badly, he is very alone there. He begged my friend to please adopt him so he wouldn't have to go back. 
His friend is his little stuffed tiger. He carries it everywhere, he kisses it, puts it to sleep,worries about it. 
Malcolm is interested in everything going on around him, he knows all the names and colors, understands all commands and does them happily, has attachments to some friends in the orphanage, he loves to talk to people who come into the orphanage. He is very kind kid, too timid to survive the orphanage. He is facing transfer to a mental institution (this kid is NOT mentallychallenged, he is pretty smart actually) in Spring, - it will be a disaster for him. If we have a family before April, orphanage will hold him up till they come. Please search your heart! Is he your child???

Email me at for more information on him!