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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Reading Aloud...

Every day,, I read a ton of books aloud to the little's. They LOVE books, which is great but sometimes I cringe when I see the pile of books they have picked out for me to read. :) So on this day I had the great idea for each child to pick one book to read aloud to all of us. They were so excited and carefully chose their book. Nolan started us off. Because we had read this Dr. Seuss book a million-gazillion times already he had it memorized and did really, really great! He decided he needed to wear those funny glasses while he read and then decided so should everyone else on their turns too. 

He was so happy with himself. 
We all clapped and cheered for him and you can see how proud he was!

Kyalynn was a riot with the glasses on! LOL! She read one of her very
favorite books...The Boy That Changed the World by Andy Andrews. If you haven't read it, I
highly recommend it! It is that good! Kyalynn is an excellent reader and she even did voice inflections like I do while reading. Too cute!! 

 Gabriella is such a diva. Sometimes I am like who is this girl?! LOL! Anyhow, she did
very good too  but since she isn't reading yet and didn't have it memorized she just
made up her own story.  No stopping her!! :)

 Connor reads fluently too and he chose a nice, long book to read. He was too funny. He had to show everyone the pictures and explain what was going on just like a little teacher. :) 

And what, you ask, was little Sammy T doing this whole time? 
Look and see...  :)

Ah the joys of homeschooling a tribe of 5!!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

We do this too- our kiddos love it!!! He he he....yep, and that is typically what our little are doing too :) he he he.....

Tereasa said...

How cute! There must be something about that name. Our Sam can never just sit upright. :P

Beth E. said...

When our boys were young, I read to them all the time, too. They had a favorite book when they were toddlers. It was a Little Golden Book called, "The Huff N Puff Express". I read that book so many times that I wore out one copy of it and had to buy another. We ALL had that one memorized! LOL

I'm glad you are instilling a love for reading in your children. I've always been a sucker for books...never could turn down my boys when they asked to buy one. :-)