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Saturday, April 21, 2012

I am so glad....

I am sooooo glad it's Saturday!!
 It has been a very l-o-n-g week. 
Anyone relate??

Gabriella  has had to have bloodwork the last 2 weeks and is going again today. :( 
She is NOT a happy camper. 
Her bloodwork numbers are on a downward slide even though we have increased her medicine. Even her dr. isn't sure what is going on. So glad we know the ONE who does and has her safely in the palm of His hand! 

We lost another vacuum...R.I.P old friend. 
This is the 2nd one that has bit the dust while one special son has been using it.
I'm thinking we might save money to just rip up the carpet and go with a cement look.
Less of a chance that someone sucks up clothing or toys or rope or...whatever might throw itself in the way of the vacuums path. :) 

We are almost finished with school for the year. 
I'm busy thinking through what next year may look like for us.
It's been fun juggling a very active preschooler and a precocious toddler. Oh my! lol!

I am so missing my fill of teenagers around here.  It's been almost 3 weeks since Ryan left for bootcamp and life seems too quiet around here without the noise and bustle of a houseful of his friends! I'm thinking we should adopt some teenagers because it's going to be a couple years before the little's are teenagers. That's still under advisement.....:)

I've begun running and am loving it! Well, not loving the hardly-able-to-breathe-my-legs-feel-like-cement feeling but love when I've accomplished my goal for the day! It's getting easier each time but I can't wait until I'm kicking out some serious miles.  
My brother is a runner and is in his first 15K race this weekend! We are all going (and I mean all.....our family, his family, and our parents!) to cheer him on. So excited for him!! 

Last night began our annual "drive-in movie nights". We set the kids up on the porch and we all watch a movie  together. I also open the infamous "Snack Shack".  We are studying the ocean so we watched  the movie Dolphin's Tale.  They were SO excited! :)


Tereasa said...

I love the fun things you do with your children. Can I come live with you?

Sean and Lisa said...

Absolutely! We'd have a blast girlfriend!! :)

Shonni said...

Dolphin Tale is a fav here in our home!!!
And, boy am I glad that it is Saturday!!!!

NeeCee said...

Shane is studying the ocean too!