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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The View Around Here...

Serious beauty in our backyard!

Our old dog Mordecai. Faithful friend.

Aw...precious boy and cat, Sierra!

Hard at work. I've decided to forego planting a garden this year.
 The boys love playing in the dirt too much. 
I'm thinking the plants most likely wouldn't last long.
Their only little once so maybe next year we'll do the garden route. :)

Our castle...

The view down our driveway.
 Beautiful in summer, death-defying in winter. LOL!
This is just the top part. Trust me, what you can't see is the 
serious steepness of the rest of it. 

My girls doing their thing. 

Peaceful solitude space...

Testing out his jump....:)

Gabi making a birds nest. 
She worked and worked on it to get it just right.
She even had us test it's comfort ability by sitting on it.  lol!

Doesn't this picture remind you of Mr. Incredible? LOL! 
Um, thinking it's time for a bigger ride boy.....:)


Beth E. said...

Such a beautiful place and beautiful family! Your posts always bring a smile to my face.

Have a great week! Love you...